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Security advisory

A command injection vulnerability exists in magnusbilling versions 6 and 7. The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated user to execute arbitrary OS commands on the host, with the privileges of the web server.

Affected products

magnusbilling 7 up to and including commit 7af21ed620

magnusbilling 6 (all versions)

Steps to reproduce

The following proof of concept uses a harmless sleep 30 command as a payload.

  1. Visit /mbilling/lib/icepay/icepay.php?democ=/dev/null;sleep%2030;ls%20a
  2. Observe that the page takes 30 seconds to load
  3. Visit /mbilling/lib/icepay/icepay.php?democ=/dev/null;sleep%203;ls%20a
  4. Observe that the page takes only 3 seconds to load


A piece of demonstration code is present in lib/icepay/icepay.php, with a call to exec() at line 753. The parameter to exec() includes the GET parameter democ, which is controlled by the user.


An unauthenticated user is able to execute arbitrary OS commands. The commands run with the privileges of the web server process, typically www-data. At a minimum, this allows an attacker to compromise the billing system and its database.

Proposed Mitigation

Remove the demo code from icepay.php.